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New edition of the ECC-Spain News Bulletin

7 de junio de 2022 / Noticia

The European Consumer Centre in Spain (ECC-Spain) publishes the 25th Newsletter with the most outstanding news on Consumption in the European Union.

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The new Bulletin includes, among other news, information regarding the rights of air passengers where it is recalled that those affected by delays, cancellations and denied boarding may have the right to information, assistance, reimbursement, compensation or alternative transportation. Also, in case of problems with luggage, it is insisted that users can claim compensation. The Bulletin also collects information on the regulations that seek to guarantee the veracity of the reviews and opinions that consumers and users publish on the web pages that sell products and services online.

It is also analysed the new European strategy to protect and empower children within the digital environment, as well as the new regulations for children's advertising of toys with which the ads are wanted to be more egalitarian, truthful, constructive and do not include humiliating or discriminatory images towards girls. In the same way, the proposal of Spain is presented that would make our country the first in Europe to have specific rules to regulate the "loot boxes" or loot boxes of video games and with which it is wanted to avoid the consumption of video games in a compulsive or pathological way.

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