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Do you live in Spain and you want to submit a claim related to a commercial enterprise in another EU member state, Norway or Iceland? We can help you.

The European Consumer Centre in Spain can help you:

  • If you have previously claimed the company in writing.
  • If you have not used the legal procedure/ court procedure.
  • If it is not a case of fraud or providing redress.

Exhausted without this amicable route, they will orient consumers on other systems of Alternative Dispute Resolution and eventually the judicial route such as the European small claims.

  • If your request or claim is against a Spanish company, check here the different out-of-court procedures and court procedures you may use.
  • If your habitual residence is in another EU Member State, Norway or Iceland and the claim is against a company registered in Spain, you should contact the European Center in your country.
  • If your inquiry is related to cancellations, delays, denied boarding or downgrading in air transport, you should contact AESA.
  • If your inquiry is related to entities supervised by Banco de España, you should contact Banco de España.
  • If your query is related to road transportation or auxiliary and complementary activities of road transportation (including car rental), you should contact the Juntas Arbitrales del Transporte.
  • If your inquiry is related to investment services, you should contact the CNMV.
  • If your inquiry is related to service providers (for example, electricity and natural gas) that do not respect the contracting procedure and do not have the consent of the clients to carry out supplier changes, you should contact the CNMC.
  • If your inquiry is related to insurance and pension funds, you should contact the Servicio de Reclamaciones de la Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones.

  • If your inquiry is related to telecommunications, you should contact the Oficina de Atención al Usuario de Telecomunicaciones.
  • If your query is related to Data Protection, you should contact the AEPD.


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Claim reference number

Once the claim has been sent to ECC-Spain, the consumer will receive an acknowledgment of receipt along with a reference number (ECCES-XXX) that must be saved and used each time the consumer contacts us to follow up on his case.

  • Compulsory documentation that the consumer must provide
    • Claim made in writing against the company.
    • Proof of purchase or reservation, if applicable.
    • Proof of payment from the bank, when applicable.
    • Correspondence between the consumer and the company organized in chronological order.
    • Do you think you can attach other evidences to help you defend your rights? Feel free to provide them.

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