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We defend the rights of European consumers

We help European citizens by giving them information about their consumer rights and obligations so that they can take advantage of the possibilities offered by the European internal market.

Our commitment is to ensure that mercantile legislation is properly understood and respected in the cross-border context. This is a two-way process as we also try to raise awareness of the rights of consumers.

In the event of disputes between consumers and businesses, we work to establish commitments and establish relationships based on trust, equal treatment, transparency and confidentiality.

Our services

  • Information and advice

We inform, legally advise, assist and support at the European consumer personally so you can defend their rights in terms of consumption.

  • Claim management

We mediate cross-border consumer complaints of consumers residing in Spain and wish to claim against a company with registered offices in another Member State of the EU, Norway or Iceland. We also help European Consumer Centres in the management of claims against companies with registered offices in Spain.

All our consultants offer linguistic, legal and technical assistance in order to obtain a satisfactory solution for the parties.

The European Consumer Centres are not competent:

  • In case of fraud or providing redress.
  • If you have already started a legal procedure/court procedure.
  • If the trader has expressly refused to cooperate with the ECC-Net.
  • If we cannot identify the trader.
  • For specific investment products such as forex and binary options.

Exhausted without this amicable route, they will orient consumers on other systems of Alternative Dispute Resolution and eventually the judicial route such as the European small claims.

  • Publications

We publish various reference manuals and guides in the field of European cross-border consumption in order to disseminate consumer rights. In addition, our newsletter gathers the latest news in this matter. Subscribe to our Newsletter

  • Training

We organize seminars, congresses and conferences in order to raise awareness and awareness of society in matters of community policy on consumer rights and obligations. We also carry out different campaigns to promote the possibilities offered by the European internal market.

Committed to our values

  • Customer orientation

    We do everything in our power to ensure that consumers receive the most appropriate information, advice or assistance. All our activities and operations revolve around consumers, and we actively strive to anticipate their needs and provide the most accurate information and the most demanding services.

  • Professionalism

    We provide clear and rigorous information. We undertake to respond to all requests, and to refer consumers to the most appropriate partners. Both as an individual center and as a European network (ECC-NET), we are committed to constantly improving the quality of our services.

  • Transparency

    We always make it clear to consumers and businesses what they can and can not do. Our procedures when evaluating the different cases and offering recommendations are absolutely transparent and always based on the legal bases.

  • Impartiality

    It is a question of equanimity and credibility. We seek above all to establish the truth from the legal point of view, and help to understand it and find a compromise that is fair and acceptable to both parties.

  • Confidentiality

    We make sure to preserve and protect the confidentiality of all data and communications.